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To ensure effective communication, Proof of Impact needs an attractive logo that will reflect the purpose of the organization. 

This is a word-play on a consensus mechanism structures in the world of blockchain (proof of work & proof of stake). This reference defines us squarely as a first principle, new generation, blockchain powered business. 

The logo must communicate positive change/ impact.
The logo should be Mature, Optimistic, maybe a bit of Luxury. It should be Modern, Quiet, Simple and Subtle.

Key concepts for the logo:

  1. Health
  2. Social impact
  3. Social capital
  4. Natural capital
  5. Sustainability
  6. Growth
  7. Independence
  8. Prosperity
  9. Equality
  10. Transparency


The Platform - Proof of Impact

Proof of Impact is a decentralized platform for structuring and trading impact. It is to the world of impact (donors, charities, impact investment) what the internet is to the world of information or bitcoin is to money. 

Proof of impact is a platform. That means it will be open to a high number of applications, all of them having an impact in common. This includes social capital and natural capital and can be defined as any event that has a positive impact, anywhere in the world. This includes public health events (such as vaccination campaigns) sustainable practices (in agriculture, fisheries), environment/conservation, inclusive finance, education, etc.

The architecture of Proof of Impact is a super-network. A network of networks. It connects isolated communities anywhere in the world (think a small village in Bangladesh or a local club in Zurich) to each other through a globally distributed network.

Our old logotype:


Proof of impact is part of the Lykke Universe. This relationship should be reflected in the logo. 

This is part of a new generation of businesses/ business models - a first-principles blockchain company. A few industry references (to define the look/ feel):

  1. Lykke Corp (the parent company).
  2. Ethereum Foundation;
  3. Hyperledger
  4. Every ledger
  5. Interledger
  6. Golem
  7. IOTA

The unique selling points of POI are:

  • Focus on impact
  • Network of networks Platform
  • Impact as valuable asset


Principles to follow when creating a logo:

  1. The logo shall be easily scalable and shall look the same well both on the site header and on the big poster. 
  2. The logo shall be minimalistic, but at the same time carry a smart metaphor or simply a plastic design.
  3. The source file in vector format (.ai) is required.
  4. The logo shall have a monochrome, contour, and inverse version. 
  5. The logo shall represent the following keywords: Decentralized, Open, Open source, Inclusive, Equitable, Ethical, Transparent, Real, Real-time.
  6. The color palette is at the author's discretion; 
  7. Provide options for using the logo on multiple media (e.g., as a flag, T-shirt, business card). 
  8. Description, principles of construction, and short guidelines will be appreciated.


The outcome shall include preview, guides (PNG, JPEG, PDF) and working file (AI).



Please refer to the Terms of Use of the organization and remuneration issues. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the comments to the project.

A few disclaimers:

There is no guarantee of winning a prize. The prizes are only awarded to entries that the Lykke judges find worthwhile. Prizes are awarded in Lykke coins, which may be redeemed for currency and sent to your bank. You must be at least 18 years of age. You must not submit twice — your first submission is the one that counts. You will be responsible for declaring your own income to your local tax authorities. All submissions will be disclosed to the put on. The prizes are given at Lykke’s sole discretion. The decisions of the judges will be final — there is no appeals process if your project does not win a prize. No other compensation will be given at this stage.



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