The competition and voting have completed. Winners were determined by the citizens of Lykke City.

  • Days of the project

    Dec 20, 2016 - Jan 30, 2017 (40 days)

  • Registration

    Dec 20, 2016 - Jan 26, 2017

  • Submissions

    Dec 31, 2016 - Jan 26, 2017

  • Voting

    Jan 26 - Jan 30, 2017

We announce a second round of the Lykke services logos design project. We haven't awarded the first prize in the first round and haven't chosen the variants to be used by Lykke services as none of the submissions fully followed the logo design principles listed in the project description.

You can develop the results of the first round, use them as inspiration or start anew. Please respect the following principles in the second round:

1. Logos should be united by one idea, a single flexible principle, a rule, on the basis of which you can then create logos for other services. It may be a universal grid, unified forms that differ in details or any other parameters.

2. Use only corporate colors from the Lykke palette. Please note that logos with other colors will not be considered.

3. The logo should be minimalistic, with no odd details, however with its own unique character.

4. The logo should reflect the following features: transparency, movement, brightness, flexibility.

5. The logo should be available in a monochrome version.

6. The logo must not look like an icon taken from stocks. It should reflect and sell the Lykke service. You may not select the exact metaphors; use abstractions instead. The main thing is to create a universal, unique, and flexible solution. The logo should be a stand-alone visual image.

Now, once again some words about the services for which we want you to design logos:

Lykke Wallet. The Lykke Wallet app makes it simple for you to buy and sell digital currencies and assets on the Exchange Lykke (LykkeX), our next-generation trading platform with zero commission.

Lykke Streams. Service for competitions to develop products, features, etc.

Blockchain Explorer. Tools to view blockchain transactions.

Publication Platform. Service to publish unique content (articles, longreads) based on rankings.

IssuerPortal. Tools to create your own digital assets.

Further, the number of services will grow, so it is especially important to draw attention to the principle No.1– your solution should be universal.

Your logo should be provided in two images (color and monochrome versions) in PNG format using a template.

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