The first prize will have the unique opportunity to join our Research team


The competition and voting have completed. Winners were determined by the citizens of Lykke City.

  • Days of the project

    Nov 28, 2017 - Jan 20, 2018 (52 days)

  • Submissions

    Nov 29, 2017 - Jan 13, 2018

  • Voting

    Jan 13 - Jan 20, 2018

A community manager is the heart of the platform, its body with all main organs. We want you to research on possible topics for our competitions, to transfer them into catchy writing and to build a professional and well-skilled community around Lykke Research Team!

The goal of our Lykke Streams platform is to foster Lykke´s goal to be crowdsourced at all levels. Lykke slices big projects into small tasks and posts them on the Lykke Streams platform. By doing so, we at Lykke acquire a pool of solutions to choose from. At the same time, such a crowd based strategy is a unique opportunity to anyone interested in participating in a new financial and digital revolution. 

We are looking for a community manager to research and to write competitions for Lykke Streams as well as to actively manage our online resources Github, Reddit, Telegram, and others. We have great plans for the future and we need you to help us be better!

Lykke Streams

Lykke Streams is a crowdsourcing initiative that reimagines how projects of all kinds can be staffed and completed. It provides a forum for publishing project ideas and attracting talent from around the world. Project originators can post their ideas on the platform and set aside prize funds to be awarded upon completion. Developers, designers, and other technology professionals can contribute directly to projects of interest and work collaboratively to earn the prize. 

For Lykke, this platform is a great opportunity to see results of one questions from absolutely different sides.

Description of the project

Please think about a potential research project we could have and write a Streams competition about it.

With regards to building our community of contributors and to expand our reach of the platform: please state in a short document your ideas how you would grow our Lykke Streams user base and increase quality of participants

Upon successful completion of the project, you would also be responsible to monitor research-related questions on Github and Reddit. Do not worry, you will have full support from our professional scientists and developers.

Our Github, Reddit appearance:

We invite everyone to familiarize themselves with our Lykke Streams platform and to present your ability to write competitions, expand our reach as well as to answer and delegate questions from our community. 

Requirements for the work

  1. Please present a potential Lykke Streams competition and document a plan to grow our user base (in English). 
  2. Please show us an example of an interesting project

What we offer to the winner

You will be part of an enthusiastic, highly motivated global team. Lykke has no hierarchies. Our teams are largely self-directed, which enables team members to take ownership of their initiatives and shape the ways in which Lykke works.

  • Lykke is Agile from End to End.
  • You are free to select where you work (including from home).
    No need to be every day in the office.
  • Part-time job. 3-4 days a week. 
  • Payment is per month


The first 4 contestants will receive a prize money of 400,200,200,200 $.
The first prize will have the unique opportunity to join us as a community manager for our Research team.


Please refer to the Terms of Use of the organization and remuneration issues. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the comments to the project. 

A few disclaimers:

There is no guarantee of winning a prize. The prizes are only awarded to entries that the Lykke judges find worthwhile. Prizes are awarded in Lykke coins, which may be redeemed for currency and sent to your bank. You must be at least 18 years of age. You must not submit twice — your first submission is the one that counts. You will be responsible for declaring your own income to your local tax authorities. All submissions will be disclosed to the public. The prizes are given at Lykke’s sole discretion. The decisions of the judges will be final — there is no appeals process if your project does not win a prize. No other compensation will be given at this stage. 

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AUTHOR Lykke co-founder and Chief Research Officer
Federica Gasparini
HR Specialist
Chief Communications Officer
Lykke Streams manager
Anna Smemorata
Content manager
Content manager
Tim Zinin
Digital marketing manager
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For this project, none of the submitted results matched our experts expectations, so we decided not to award the first prize.

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