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At Lykke, we’re building a global blockchain-based marketplace. We’re doing it in a new way: we don’t interview and hire; instead, we look for enthusiastic people around the world who want to join us in our mission.

There are commercial contest platforms out there, but we haven’t found one that is flexible enough for us. That is why we have started Lykke Streams, a crowdsourcing initiative to staff and complete all kinds of projects.

Lykke Streams will provide a forum for publishing project ideas and attracting talent from around the world. Project originators can post their ideas on the platform and set aside prize funds to be awarded upon completion. Developers, designers, and other professionals can contribute directly to projects of interest and work collaboratively to earn the prize.

Now Lykke Streams is available in beta at streams.lykke.com, and we are looking for a team to further develop and support it. The winners may be offered ongoing contracts or employment.

Our Ideas about Lykke Streams

Multiple Awards and Coopetition

We don’t believe in a winner-take-all approach. We believe projects should be entered and won in stages. In those stages, we are looking for enthusiasm and enough skill to get to the next stage. The stages may be: a concept, a proof of concept, a minimum viable product, etc.

Team work

It’s often best to combine people with different skills. We encourage coders, designers, thinkers, and visual communicators to work together to make a good response.

Here’s the interesting thing we have learned: it’s not really a competition. We can take some or all of the winners and ask them to talk with each other and combine their solutions and take the next step together.


We want our platform to be open for anyone to use, free of charge. The only thing we ask is that cash awards be given using Lykke wallets.


We believe this platform can become a business, because companies will want to use it often. The platform will be open source, but many for-profit ventures can be built on top of it.

The Big Goal

The main thing we want is an active contest community, with people around the world creating and responding to contests of all kinds. 

How to Apply

Problem definition: We believe the current contest platforms are too limited in time, scope, and focus. This is why we have built Lykke Stream and want to support and develop it.

Deliverables: We are looking for 10-12 pages or 15-20 slides, or a 5-7 minutes video. Draw the big picture, state your views, include some visuals of what you want to build.

Please include the following in your response:

  • Solution space: Show us you understand the space and have an opinion about it. For example, while they aren’t exactly what we are doing, both Experiment.com and TopCoder.com are very well executed. Study the Lykke Streams beta version and our press release about it. Where do you see this project fitting in?
  • Concept and visuals: We’re looking for a sharp concept that provides the seed from which our platform will grow. Don’t worry about the mechanics (sign-up, dashboard, etc.). Do worry about your particular approach to the problem, why it will succeed, and how to derisk it. 
  • Promoting: Since your job is to build us the world’s best platform to staff and complete projects, a big part of that involves getting the word out. We would like to grow our online community, Lykke City, so it becomes a hub for freelancers, traders, creatives, and coders. We want an active community collaborating on projects, building the future together. How will you reach them? 
  • Team and skills: Tell us about yourself. What is your background? Which of your skills and experiences could contribute to Lykke Streams improvement? Building a team of developers, designers, communicators could be beneficial. Have you got a team that supports you in this project and will be ready to work at Lykke Streams in future? 

Awards: Lykke, at its sole discretion, will give up to: 

  • One first-place award of $5,000
  • Three second-place prizes of $2,500 each

The prize places are for quality. Teams that win may be asked to collaborate with other winners.


Deadline: The contest ends on Saturday, February 4th, at 4pm Central European time. Please register by January 27th (though you can register later if necessary).


A few disclaimers: There is no guarantee of winning a prize. The prizes are only awarded to entries that the Lykke judges find worthwhile. Prizes are awarded in Lykke coins, which may be redeemed for currency and sent to your bank. You must be at least 18 years of age. You must not submit twice your first submission is the one that counts, so test it on other people before you commit. You will be responsible for declaring your own income to your local tax authorities. All submissions will be disclosed to the public on the Lykke web site. The prizes are given at Lykke’s sole discretion. The decisions of the judges will be final there is no appeals process if your project does not win a prize. No other compensation will be given at this stage.


To learn more, visit lykke.com, get your Lykke wallet at the App Store or Google Play, and see our videos on YouTubeWe also have a telegram communitywhere you can meet others interested in solving such problems.

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