How to create a new project


The KYC procedure is required for your profile for adding projects. To do this, click the USD deposit (symbol "+") in the mobile application. The app will prompt you to take a photograph of the identity document, take a selfie and take a photo to confirm your residence address. Once the moderators verify it, you can add new projects.

Iuliia Anferova · January 21, 2018 · 0 comments
  1. After login  hit “+”

  1. Then add dates for the project.
    Registration: usually, it is not required, although it can be sometimes used for special events
    Submission: the deadline for posting results by participants
    Voting: usually, one week after "Submission" is needed to determine the winners

  1. Next, add Project name
    Title Note - only if it is an RFP (tender) or a vacancy,
    Project Url - only words with low letters, without spaces, e.g. name-of-the-project,
    Summary - short description that will be shown on the main page

  1. Describe the project.
    Here you should add all information about your project. Usually, we use a couple of H2 titles, some H3 and next H4 in the text.

    Don’t forget to tell users what is the main goal of your contest, who you are and requirements for the results you are waiting for.

    At the end, add "Support" and "A few disclaimers" paragraphs, you can copy them from the last projects.

    Some tips you might already know, if you copy text from MS Word, it always adds unnecessary code and text formatting. So, it's better to copy from a text editor and after that make the text look like you want. Or you can delete foreign formatting by menu - Format -> Clear Formatting


  1. Brief
    Here you can add one file (very soon, it will be more than one)


  2. Category and tags
    Please, choose the category that is closest to your project.

    By default, there is one type of first prize and three 2nd prizes.

    Prize Description – it is the text above the awards

    You can share any link you want here.


  1. And for the agreement publish the project as a draft, please.
    Check «Save as Draft»

  1. To add experts, please, ask Julia ([email protected], @Julia_Anferova in Telegram) or Tengiz ([email protected], @TengizMerabishvili  in Telegram)

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