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Current Projects

Valerii Grebenev Design
SUBMISSION 26.01.2017

We announce a second round of the Lykke services logos design project. We haven't awarded the first prize in the first round and haven't chosen the variants to be used by Lykke services as none of the submissions fully followed the logo design principles listed in the project description.

SUBMISSION 19.02.2017

We invite web developers to take part in the competition and deliver a Layout front end component. A layout is an interface component that should enable the user to: • Define the view of the workspace and create new frame sets (including Save As New based on existing layouts) • Modify or adjust the view of the workspace • Keep the necessary number of frame sets • Save frame sets, either automatically or by clicking the Save Layout button (so two modes are possible) • Edit the names of layouts • Reset the default layouts to their original state • Delete layouts • Split frames, either vertically or horizontally • Remove frames

SUBMISSION 19.02.2017

The competition assumes delivering a Tab web component. Using the Tab features of the Front end should allow managing the content of the working area. In particular, the user should be able to: • Add tabs into the frames: by selecting from existing tabs or creating the new ones • Move the tabs (both inside a frame and between different frames of the layout) • Open the Settings window for the particular type of tab (at the corresponding section of the Settings window) • Maximize and restore a tab • Open a tab back at the frame • Dock a tab at the necessary location of a frame • Open a tab in a separate browser window or open it in the initial browser window again • Export the content of the tab's grid • Scroll the content of the tabs when necessary (vertically/horizontally) • Close tabs

Mihail Nikulin Blockchain
SUBMISSION 17.02.2017

Crosschain swap assumes that Alice transfers bitcoins to Bob and at the same time Bob transfers ethers to Alice. But how those two transfers could be done in a safe way? What if Bob getting bitcoins will not send ethers to Alice? Such two transfers should be perofrmed in a trustless way. Atomic crosschain swap is required to implement.

Richard Olsen Finance
SUBMISSION 28.01.2017

We are looking for teams in any country who want to set up a Lykke enity and run it. We will work with award winners to support their efforts through each phase.

SUBMISSION 30.01.2017

Grids (tables) is one type of content available in the web Front end’s tabs. Grids should provide the following functionality: • Data output and automatically updating the data • Providing features in the grid's cells, like buttons, icons, pop-up menus, edit boxes, links, etc. • Data sorting • Adjusting the view of the table (managing the set of shown columns, the order of columns, column width adjusting) • Dynamical data formatting • Data (numbers, dates) formatting: decimal places, alignment

Richard Olsen Communications and media

Lykke has recently started Lykke Streams, a crowdsourcing initiative to staff and complete all kinds of projects. The platform is available in beta, and we are looking for a team to further develop and support it.

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