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Current Projects

Lena Mechenkova Design
VOTING 02.04.2017

We need foolproof videos that will help our users to work with the app. To begin with, we want to create videos about two main steps: 1) KYC (full registration) in the Lykke Wallet app and 2) uploading funds to Lykke Wallet from a credit card. We do not limit the means you will be using and are focused on the result: these videos should be clear, to the point and helpful.

Mihail Nikulin Blockchain
SUBMISSION 15.04.2017 ends in 17 days

Every Lykke client has his / her own digital key that saves all the money kept in the Wallet. But the client may occasionally lose it, as well as backups of the digital key. This is the main problem that we want to solve. We are looking for a decision how to develop a solution for a distributed backup of the digital private key using the network of Lykke customers. Describe your idea — How to make a backup and to restore a private key from a backup in a safest and easiest way.

Anton Golub Research
REGISTRATION 01.04.2017 Submission 23.04.2017

We are looking for talented researchers to join Lykke Corp research team for an internship and work on some of the most exciting projects at the intersection of finance and Blockchain. Three best candidates will be invited to Zurich for three-month intern-ship (travel & accommodation costs covered by Lykke Corp) during the summer period and will have a unique chance to join the Lykke Corp research team afterwards.

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