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Nick Gogerty Bitcoin
SUBMISSION 15.07.2017 ends in 22 days

Programmers are kindly invited to participate in the development of the Solarcoin project. If you know how Blockchain works and know the Bitcoin core technology, our project is for you. You need to upgrade the Solarcoin from Bitcoin Core v 0.04 to Bi...

Lena Mechenkova Communications and media
SUBMISSION 24.06.2017 ends in 1 day

We are looking for a professional copywriter for long-term interaction who can create now an article for us on the topic – How to buy bitcoin from Lykke instantly.

Valery Grebenev Design
SUBMISSION 30.06.2017 ends in 7 days

You are invited to design an icon set for Lykke presentations, marketing materials, applications, and internal needs. The contest will be organized in two stages. On the first stage, you will be invited to create five icons. Four winners of the stag...

Richard Olsen Research
SUBMISSION 30.06.2017 ends in 7 days

Are you interested in blockchain and economics? If yes, we invite you to join Lykke Research Community. Lykke is building a global marketplace for all assets and instruments on the blockchain. Our company is science-based and embraces the principle of...


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