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Nick Gogerty Bitcoin
SUBMISSION 15.08.2017 ends in 24 days

Programmers are kindly invited to participate in the development of the Solarcoin project. If you know how Blockchain works and know the Bitcoin core technology, our project is for you. You need to upgrade the Solarcoin from Bitcoin Core v 0.04 to Bi...

Mihail Nikulin Software Development
SUBMISSION 22.08.2017 ends in 31 days

Dear participants, At the previous stage of the contest, several solutions were offered to recover the private key to the Lykke Wallet app. We`ve analysed various solutions and opted for Social Recovery as the best way to proceed. You are invited to ...

Valery Grebenev Design
SUBMISSION 15.08.2017 ends in 24 days

At the first stage of the contest, we chose two participants who are entering the second round. They are Arturas Jakeliunas and Janick Pascal Rohrbach. Now the participants will have to develop a complete set of 33 icons.

Block Stars Design
SUBMISSION 13.08.2017 ends in 22 days

Designers, would you like to participate in a worldwide project, the BlockStars? The objective of this project is to solve 17 global problems of mankind. Create a new version of the logo and get a remuneration.

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